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Who are we?

Q. Who are we and what do we offer?


A. ArtReplicas4U is the marketing site for REPLICA ARTWORKS, meaning not the typical Printed Posters of Artwork, but actual custom individual handcrafted replicas. The up close visual differences are astonishing. Real paint, real cut paper, real glue, real thumbprints! Your walls will sparkle with real handcrafted art created in the spirit of the masters and new attention to your walls from friends and clients.

We specialize in “Minimal Art” an art movement in painting that began in the 1950s (with some earlier master visionaries) and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color. It is abstract painting in which expressiveness and illusion are minimized by the use of simple geometric shapes, flat color, and arrangements of ordinary objects.  Now there is renewed interest in Minimal Art with new shows and soaring auction prices.  Minimal Art followed and reacted to the brash American Commercialism of Pop Art which in turn followed the philosophical and grand scale and bold brush strokes of Abstract Expressionist Art.  


Minimal art is very much back in fashion with its clean simplicity and looks great on professional or home walls.  Most of these original works were done small (less than 24 inches) and my size offerings reflect that.  Also note that this scale and material choices are much easier to frame and show.   The original works were mostly done on high quality thick traditional “art papers” (not oversize abstract art canvases that only can be shown on oversized gallery walls). All the work featured here is also done using several of the best archival color dyed art papers in conjunction with hand painting. 


We also bring in the best of contemporary art from the museums and galleries of the world featuring great minimal contemporary art.  


See Gallery Pages for all current listings. 

Q. Who are these replica artworks for?       


A.  Anyone who loves art. The collector can turn his home into a specialized museum spending $295 instead of spending One Million at Art Auction Houses.  In the Professions, if you are a Physician or Dentist you can transform your waiting room into a vivid gallery appreciated by the new group of comparison shopping consumers who would respond to such a knowing wall arrangement. If you are an interior decorator or home collector, these works will give your rooms the Wow Factor. Law Firms and Corporate Lobbies also can be transformed into Extravagant Galleries. 


Medical Professionals can transform their waiting rooms with a reasonable redecoration into a gallery of contemporary art to wow and impress patients with our art replicas. 


If you choose a décor for a Law Office or Professional Office reception area the same is true….   Corporate Lobbies with new elegance….   Your new office makeover is few clicks away to impress new patients, friends and clients. 


If you are a budget minded art lover, a non-profit organization, or an educational institution, turn your home or commercial space into an art museum with a collection of these works. 


Medical Professionals, Law Firms, Academia, Non Profits and Corporations can all reinvigorate the style and energy of your waiting rooms/lobbies/offices/Board Rooms with contemporary replica art. 

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