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What are we?

Q. Who are these replica artworks for?                              


A.  Anyone who loves art. The collector can turn his home into a specialized museum spending $295 instead of spending One Million at Art Auction Houses.  In the Professions, if you are a Physician or Dentist you can transform your waiting room into a vivid gallery appreciated by the new group of comparison shopping consumers who would respond to such a knowing wall arrangement. If you are an interior decorator or home collector, these works will give your rooms the Wow Factor. Law Firms and Corporate Lobbies also can be transformed into Extravagant Galleries. 

Medical Professionals can transform their waiting rooms with a reasonable redecoration into a gallery of contemporary art to wow and impress patients with our art replicas. If you choose a décor for a Law Office or Professional Office reception area the same is true….   Corporate Lobbies with new elegance….   Your new office makeover is few clicks away to impress new patients, friends and clients. If you are a budget minded art lover, a non-profit organization, or an educational institution, turn your home or commercial space into an art museum with a collection of these works. Medical Professionals, Law Firms, Academia, Non Profits and Corporations can all reinvigorate the style and energy of your waiting rooms/lobbies/offices/Board Rooms with contemporary replica art. 

Q. Who should not be getting these replicas? 


A.  Very important question… anyone who had bad intentions and tries to resell these replicas to dealers, art auction houses and especially web auction sites, as an original. These are replicas celebrating and in the spirit of the original artist.  You must return the signed compliance form in this site stating you accept this arrangement and resale guidelines.  There will be visible and invisible stampings of ink on the back of the art disclosing this work as a replica.  No one wants to go to jail for Art  Forgery, where the intent is too falsely represent the finished replica as an original and sell it as that artist’s original work at current auction rate prices, usually via the black market.  No custom artwork will be shipped until the signed compliance agreement is received.                                                                                                                        


LEGAL ISSUES:  It is perfectly legal to produce and sell a HANDCRAFTED replica (as a replica) of an artwork and legal to resell it at market prices for a replica.  You may not refer to it as an original work by the artist and cannot use your replica on products to sell them, such as mugs, tee shirts, etc. (this requires licensing)  You may refer to them as such…”in the style of…”


Q. What a cool idea, but why limit your custom replicas to just minimal art. 


Several reasons…Primarily because this is the style of art I like and enjoy making replicas of.  My background as a graphic artist and illustrator also suits this kind of replicas.  Also it is most suitable for this type of marketing.  These works are beautiful with basic shapes and colors, excel in composition and layout and with their size and simplicity look great on office or home walls. 


I don’t do any pet portraits, copies of the Mona Lisa, Last Supper or children’s caricatures, fairy tale characters for nurseries, etc. 

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