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Sizes Framing & Shipping

Q.  What Size should I choose? 


A.  Many replicas are produced in some of the most common sizes for most lobby and home small to medium wall art options which is also the six most popular rectangular frame sizes sold by the box stores, for those who want readymade 

frame options and less framing expense. 


Some of the artworks in the gallery are square and there is a separate square size chart for them following the main rectangular charts.  


These are the six basic sizes offered in inches from the smallest to the largest…….  

9 x 12,  11 x 14,  12 x 16, 14 x 18, 16 x 20, and 18 x 24. 

The square works are mostly 16, 18 or 20 inches square.  Each work on the gallery pages will have the specific sizes available for that piece.  


Now what size is right for you?  First measure art and prints you already have up and coordinate the new art replica work to coordinate with that.  Perhaps you want to upsize the work for a new more dramatic wall collection.  This is up to you.  Limited size items (like the wall sculptures) come in a few special available sizes.   Note the increased cost for larger size works is minimal since most costs are in the production of the work not the materials.  If you plan a total room gallery of these works, I recommend that you cut out the sizes you feel are best (from poster board or light cardboard) and tape them to the wall at eye height and see if they should be smaller or larger.  What does “eye height” mean?....  most galleries and museums define this as such…draw an imaginary horizontal line on the art in the exact middle and hang the painting so that the imaginary line is five feet six inches to five feet eight inchers from the floor, roughly the average height of the human eye from the ground. 

Q.  What are options for framing? 


A. Many of the sizes available on the gallery pages coincide with readymade frames available at box stores, classic rectangles and squares.  This is the budget solution, with about a $20 dollar price tag, although the frames are plain and usually black or dark brown.  To really enhance your artwork, contract a local framing shop where you will be amazed at what a great style and color compatible frame does to your replica art.  I do recommend that all replicas are professionally framed to greater enhance the wow factor. 

Q. Where are the shipping costs and how do I order? 


A.  All shipping, insurance and postage is included in the sale price.  When ordering use PayPal only for payment.  If you are not a PayPal user it is easy to sign up, go to   All orders are shipped nonrefundable since they are custom. Payment must be sent before work is commissioned and sent. Expect your work to arrive in two to four weeks. All works are shipped via US Postal System, Priority Mail. 


Email: for questions or ordering info and also include in paypal order.

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