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Wouldn't you treasure a collection of classic
Personal Silhouettes of you and your family?


Please send a 50% deposit on the fee towards your custom portrait purchase. 
Upon receipt I will contact you and discuss the options for your custom order. Then for the Silhouettes, I will then send you the finished work. 


Comes with a custom signature. Please send proper spelling & chose one of the three styles from below.
Here's an example of a brother & sister silhouette.
Each sold separately.
Your silhouette will be custom painted.

Wouldn't you treasure a collection of classic Personal Silhouettes of you and your family? These are miniature profiles, most often in Black and White. They have been treasured for hundreds of years, and passed through families as memories and heirlooms. They were especially popular in the years before photography in the mid 1800's. In history the wealthy could always commission an artist for an oil painting portrait and this Silhouette technique was a way for the common man to have an affordable personal portrait of family members on the wall. After the availability of photography Silhouettes fell out of fashion.Fortunately in the 20th century, a few people looked at the Silhouettes in attics and museums and continued them as an art form.And that's what you will discover here— as a reminder of history, ofromance of slower living and as affectionate reminders of family.




You will have to do some work.  I need several good outline sketches of the subject drawn with a black marker pen (ultra-fine_ or black ball point pen). There are several ways to do this but the best is to tape a large white sheet of drawing paper to the wall, have the subject sit in a upright straight parallel with the wall. Place a lighted bare light bulp (lamp with the shade taken off), about four feet from the subject, and draw a black outline of the subjects head shadow on the paper. It is important for the subject to sit still and make sure his head is exactly parallel with the drawing paper on the wall in order to capture the subtle nuances (eyelashes, nose profile, tufts of hair, etc.) of the subject and their unique outline. This will require tinkering with the exact distances of the chair from the wall and the distance of the light from the subject and after your shadow is perfect have the subject gently turn their head from left to right for the most accurate profile. I request you also send me several digital photos of the same profile so I can combine all the above into a heartfelt momento.


Choose your size: 8 x 10, 9 x 12, or 11 x 14

Choose your font style: script, classic or contemporary.

Use the same form to tell us the persons name.


Scan and email to me at: or mail to

Blue Hen Graphics,

3 Great Jones Street,

NYC, NY 10012

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