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Why not Immortalize you and your family with their unique indlvldual fingerprints converted to a Painterly wall artwork. Send me several black, clear high contrast individual fi ngerprints of each person you want done and I will transform them Into a living legacy for you. Every person on earth has a distinctive fingerprint unique only to them. You pick the color you want them done in....pick BLACK, RED, BLUE OR GREEN.

How to order your personal fingerprint art ... First you need to make clean clear black fingerprints of each person you want imortalized. Go to YouTube for videos on how to make good quality fingerprints... Here Is a good one. Go to
and others or google "How to take fingerprints".

Scan and email to me at: or mail to Blue Hen
Graphics, 3 Great Jones Street, NYC, NY 10012

Green Fingerprint 102

  • If you want the name of the person on the bottom of the fingerprint, choose from the three options below and indicate in email, mail and on paypal message option.

    Choose your size: 11 x 14,12 x 16 or 14 x 18
    Choose your font style: script, classic or contemporary.
    Use the same form to tell us the persons name.
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