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The monogram is a set of initials, which are combined into a decorative mark that is used to identify a particular person. Monograms go back to ancient times with Greek Coins from 350 BC minted with town Monograms on them. Later Craftsmen from the Middle Ages used them to certify the objects they made; and Royal Families began to use them to certify documents and communications. But Monograms reached their zenith in the Renaisannce when wealthy Italian Merchants and Rulers hired Caligraphers to design custom interwoven letters representing their initials to add prestige to their documents. These are the classic monograms I produce. Note that these custom interwoven monograms are not the simple three letter uncombined initials seen on shirt pockets (called a cypher) and Is not a monogram.

Custom Monograms 103

    To order your personal custom designed monogram, send your two initials from your first and last name along with the spelling of your name to along with notice on PayPal. I will send you several concept sketches for you to pick from, then hand paint and design your final monogram. Large and small final monograms will be sent to you to apply to scan and print on letterheads, advertisements & possessions. As a bonus I will also send you several contemporary vectors of both letters that you may use where a simple vector is suitable. Can I send my middle Initial also for a 3 letter monogram? Not really in this case as you see the ornate variation of each sample.
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