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Personalized Custom Work

Q. Besides your replica art, do you offer any other customized work? 


A. Yes I do!  I am offering four personalized truly unique options emphasizing family and personal heritage. 


1. Personal Monograms You too can showcase the luxury of Renaissance Princes with your own custom dedigned & hand painted scrip monogram to be used on letterhead, stationary, cerificates, documents and marketing.

Yours only - ' One of a kind.'


2. Silhouette Profiles - Rediscover the lost art of family Silhouette Portraits with Personalized Names in script. Gorgeous and histoic hand and face profiles. Black and white drawings from your outline.


3. Custom Personal Fingerprint and Lip Kiss Art - Display the uniqueness of you and your brood with individual fingerprint paintings or a kiss with Personalized Names. A jumbo painting of you or your families fingerprints  "as art" in any color. Hand painted from your print sample. Show your love with a custom "Kiss Print" made from your lipstick impression.


4. Custom Spill Graphic Paintings - Yikes, Spills!  Classic spill graphics up on the wall!  Can be personalized commemorating family legendary events… Susan’s Red Wine Spill 2009 or Tommy’s Paint Can Spill 2011. 

See PERSONAL CUSTOM WORK in the Gallery Pages for more detail of these

specialized offerings and what I need from you to produce them.

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