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Sizes Framing & Shipping

Q. How about a little kitsch to seal the deal? 


A. Of course, every purchase comes with a “Birth Certificate” (actually a Creation Certificate) listing the date of creation of the work, weight and height and “parents” of the commissioned work.  Ready for framing. (Baby shoes not included)  Just for fun…  Since no one is trying to present these replicas as the original, I recommend “signing” each work with an artist signature to complete the package.  But, done with tongue in cheek humor.  Consider any of these options… 

Dr. Seemor Boobays 

I.M. Proud

Lance Chance

Daley Diddler

Robin Folks

Eiki Geebees

Ida Clown

Long Blather

Bender Befour

Sheesa Mister

Z. Stanford Zorro

Diym Nicilon

Drawn Wright

I Curry Favor

Les N. Toomee, Jr.

Ivan Itchtoscratch

Feinger Prince

Goode Candee

Harry Armes

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