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Q. What materials do you use and how are the replicas made. 


A.  All replicas are custom made by hand for each order.  This allows you to pick custom colors for your order for selected replicas, see information in next type block.  Some of these replicas are painted and some are variations of collage with quality color dyed art papers used.  Some replicas are a combination of paper and paper collage.  Some have additional materials, metallic papers, sculptural elements or papers as described. Most works are on Arches or Strathmore fine art archival art papers, giving you versatility in framing. The base paper is classified as heavyweight, all cotton rag, a cardboard like thickness with lots of strength and support.

Arches Art Paper has been the choice of artists who want the best for over 400 years.  Check comments on each work in the gallery section for any additional materials information and type of technique used for each work.  The end result is a replica similar to the original work.  Note all works are done on heavy weight quality paper, as were the originals, not on stretched canvas.

Q. How about those custom requests for color combinations? 


A.  Absolutely, some works may suitable for requested alternative colors.  The works eligible for custom colors are ones that have one or two colors. If you are interested in substituting your preferred color/s for the ones shown, email me with requests at describing your wishes; also indicate on your PayPal message option you will be doing so.    If you request a different color combination on a work, make sure the color combination you are requesting, works without overkill.  Otherwise the colors shown in the gallery pages are recommended, especially since the original artist chose the colors to maximize the viewing pleasure of the work.   Color is mischievous in subtleties, so the best way to communicate specific colors is the universal PMS System with thousands of colors and shades and tones numbered for universal use. 


The PMS (Pantone Matching System) color book is available around the globe and can be found at most printers or decorators shops. Just send me the numbers and the name of general color 


For easier tried and true custom color choices go directly to the web sites for the two greatest artist colored papers we use, one manufactured in France and one in England, and pick out colors from their ever changing palette of available colors. We can order any choice. 



Daler Rowney 



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